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On November 1, 2014, the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board (PSLREB) was created. The PSLREB was created when the Public Service Labour Relations Board (PSLRB) and the Public Service Staffing Tribunal (PSST) merged. This PSST website is in the process of being phased out in favour of the new PSLREB website. During a period of transition, this PSST website will continue to provide archived reports, decisions, and transitional information. Please visit the new PSLREB website for the most recent content.

Mediation and Settlement Conference at the Tribunal

Mediations and settlement conferences give the parties an opportunity to directly discuss the complaint and to develop mutually satisfactory solutions.

These processes are based on the staffing values set out in the preamble of the Public Service Employment Act, namely respect for employees, effective dialogue, and recourse aimed at resolving appointment issues.

General Similarities

  • Both are confidential processes in the presence of an impartial third party;
  • The goal is to come to a resolution and obtain a withdrawal of complaint;
  • The decision to settle and the content of the Terms of Settlement belong to the parties.


Mediation Settlement Conference
  • A process proposed by the Tribunal;
  • An interest-based facilitative process;
  • Conducted by a mediator, a Tribunal employee.
  • A process conducted at the discretion of the Tribunal;
  • A rights-based evaluative process;
  • Chaired by a Tribunal member.